Our free webinars, offered through The Brenn-White Group’s International Education Academy, are designed to open up new professional development opportunities for international education and higher ed marketing professionals in a variety of roles, including:

  • International marketing and recruitment
  • International exchange
  • Academic or administrative leadership
  • Academic departments or units
  • Service units working with international students or faculty
  • Local, regional, and national governmental agencies in higher education
  • Non-profit and for-profit organizations in international education

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Six Key Concepts for Speaking English with Confidence 
Join us for this webinar to begin to learn the six key speaking concepts essential to your English success: rhythm, emphasis, melody, thought-chunking, flow, and diction. Different from a standard pronunciation class, The Accent Ace Program highlights the musical components of English in order to lead non-native English speakers to more accurate and fluent speech.

The World Top 500 Universities Through Student Eyes: Benchmarks and Quick Wins for Your Recruitment Process
In cooperation with the British Council, StudyPortals mystery shopped the world´s top 500 universities –  through students´ eyes. We’ll share insights into the results and present a global snapshot of the extensive data and main findings.

Social Media and International Student Recruitment
What role can social media really play in attracting international students to your university? And how can it help turn applied students into enrolled students? This webinar will focus on different ways to reach out to prospective international students using popular social media networks, including in countries like China and Russia.

Scholarship Marketing Case Study: Strategy and Tactics to Increase Enrollment
Learn how Go Overseas designed Education New Zealand’s recent scholarship promotion in a playful yet targeted way that generated over 1,000 quality leads, significant social media buzz, and increased interest in New Zealand in a matter of weeks. This webinar will take you behind the scenes of the initiative, highlighting ways you can use scholarships to increase interest, and ultimately enrollments.

Global University Website Trends
Focusing on student recruitment, learn about the latest trends in global higher education websites – and how you can apply them to your own institution!

The Proper Role of Marketing in Overseas Campus Development
Are you considering setting up an overseas campus? This session highlights six critical points during development where marketing should influence strategy, resourcing, and operations. It also provides compelling arguments for involving your marketing team in the process.

 Building and Using LinkedIn University Pages for Student Recruitment
We take you step by step through the basics of setting up an effective LinkedIn university page that will work for domestic and international student recruitment, including what it will take to build and maintain it.

 Effective Strategies for Turning Admits into Enrolled Students
Once you have admitted students to your university or program, your job in recruitment starts all over again. In this webinar, Dr. Don Martin offers practical, effective methods to help boost the number of admitted students who make the final decision to enroll at your institution.

 Effective Strategies for Turning Applicants into Admits
This webinar is designed to provide practical information for those who work with undergraduate, graduate, and even short-term program applicants, from the point the application is received until a notification decision is rendered.

 An Introduction to Pay-Per-Click Marketing for International Student Recruitment
Are you ready to start using online advertising to promote your program or higher education institution – but not quite sure where to start? We review the basics of AdWords “pay-per-click” marketing for international student lead generation and recruitment and provide you with tactics to create successful international PPC campaigns.

 Product/Market Fit and Improving Student Recruitment Results in India and Beyond
This 20-minute webcast will help you understand how achieving a product-market fit can help you develop effective international marketing and student recruitment strategies in the context of India and beyond.

 Effective Communication Strategies for Turning Inquiries into Applicants
When a prospective student contacts you with a question, the way you respond has a major impact on their impression of your institution. Dr. Don Martin provides both practical and relevant information for those who have contact with prospective students, whether that contact be ongoing or rather limited.

 The Power of Personas: A Classic Tool for Improving Your International Website
We show you how to create and use web personas, an amazingly useful tool to represent your primary target audiences and improve your website to meet their needs.

 Managing Issues Around British vs. American English in International Higher Ed Marketing
We share ideas on how to keep consistent while making sure your marketing copy is easy for all your key international audiences to understand.

 Guest Series on Tracking and Conversion for International Recruitment: Optimizing Your Marketing Mix (Part 3 of 3)
In the final webinar of the series, join us for a critical analysis of common student recruitment channels. We will provide guidelines on how to optimize your marketing mix for the maximum return on investment, using a German university as a case study.

 Guest Series on Tracking and Conversion for Effective International Recruitment: Measuring Results and Optimizing Web Content (Part 2 of 3)
In the second installment of this series, learn about the key tracking data sources for each stage of the student recruitment funnel, from Google Analytics to student surveys. We will also outline how to optimize a university website for better tracking and conversions.

 Guest Series on Tracking and Conversion for Effective International Recruitment: Methods for Measuring Conversions (Part 1 of 3)
In this 20-minute webinar, the concept of conversion for student recruitment is explained by using the well-known “funnel” method. This is the first and most important step towards determining the ROI of marketing activities and optimizing your marketing plan.

 Ideas and Inspiration: International Student Ambassador Programs for Inbound Recruitment
In this 20-minute webinar, Laura Montgomery shares highlights from institutions around the world that have introduced “ambassador” programs with domestic students who have studied abroad or their current international students.

 Representing Your Institution: Ways to Maximize Your Effectiveness at Student Recruitment Fairs
Dr. Don Martin shares useful tips on how you can make the most of your presence at admissions-related events.

 Ideas and Inspirations: Using Live Text and Video Chat for International Recruitment
Grab a latte and join us for 20 minutes to learn how universities are starting to use chat to improve international recruitment and mobility results.

 Building Better Partnerships with US Universities
Megan Brenn-White, Wesley Teter, and Laura Montgomery help you crack the code of US higher education to make the most of your partnerships with American universities.

 Creating Localized Web Pages for International Student Recruitment
Megan Brenn-White and Laura Montgomery share their expertise on how you can create or optimize web pages targeted at specific national audiences.

 Five Ways to Improve Your University Website for International Recruitment
Megan Brenn-White and Laura Montgomery share five tools you can implement right away in order improve your website for international recruitment.

 Conference Insights: Forum On Education Abroad 2013 
Megan Brenn-White and Dr. Anthony Ogden talk about trends from the 2013 Forum on Education Abroad conference in Chicago.

 Conference Insights: APAIE 2013
Megan Brenn-White and Kevin Kinser share their insights from the 2013 Asia Pacific Association for International Education conference in Hong Kong.

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