Sometimes all it takes is one hour to see beyond your current situation – and reinvigorate your team.

In your one-hour brainstorming session with Olive & Crane Managing Director Flannery Burdick, we’ll work quickly through the challenges and opportunities you’re facing, based on your answers to a brief questionnaire and any background information you’d like us to review in advance. Meeting via Skype with up to five members of your team, our goal for the hour will be a set of realistic action items that you can start on right away.

Needs some ideas? Some of the common problems we address in these sessions include:

“We’re not sure what’s working and what isn’t – or how to allocate our resources.

“We’re getting too many questions by email and phone, when the answers are on our website.

“We don’t know what type of information international students want, or whether we’re communicating it effectively.

“We think our brochures are outdated, but we’re not sure how to fix them.

“We’re about to re-launch our website and want some objective feedback on our plans.

Brainstorming sessions cost between $350 and $700, depending on the preparation required. We’ll send you a quote after reviewing your questionnaire and materials.

Ready to schedule a session, or have questions about your options? Let’s talk!