Editorial and Writing


We can produce great copy for global audiences – anything from regular newsletters or blog updates to brochures and engaging content for your website. We will work with you to determine the best content, tone, and style for your audience.

We will take your existing content and optimize it for our goals and target audience(s). Whether it’s a light edit to simply make sure everything is accurate or a total rewrite to change text for a different target audience, we can help. We’re here to add that extra layer of polish to marketing materials, press releases, grant applications, presentations, and more.


We will go through every word in a document to double-check important facts including spellings of proper names, names of institutions, titles, URLs, etc.

International Audience Review
An editor with little or no familiarity with your higher education system will read through your copy to make sure everything is perfectly understandable and no “insider language” is used. We’ll produce a report to let you know how to fix any problems and how to avoid them in future.  

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