Virtual Brainstorming Session

Your one-hour brainstorming session with Managing Director Megan Brenn-White can be held with up to five people on your team via Skype or our webinar platform. The session is designed to allow us to work quickly through current challenges or new opportunities. Our goal will be to come up with realistic actions that you can take immediately.  Sometimes all it takes is one brainstorming session to reinvigorate your team and see beyond your current situation!

Common problems we help institutions address:

  • “We can’t really tell what’s working and what isn’t. How can we decide how to allocate resources?”
  • “We’re not sure if we’re really communicating why international students should choose us!”
  • “We are getting too many questions by phone or email when they should be able to find the answers on our website.”
  • “We think our brochures may be outdated, and we don’t know how to start to fix them.”
  • “We don’t know what kind of information international students want.”
  • “We’re about to re-launch our website and need some external feedback on the current plans.”

How It Works

  1. Before the session, you send us a list of one or two questions or current challenges.
  2. We send you a brief questionnaire that will help us get to know you and your issues better.
  3. You complete the questionnaire and send us any marketing materials or background information you’d like us to review.
  4. We review everything you’ve sent and come to the brainstorming session with suggestions and solutions.
  5. As a team, we generate ideas and identify practical solutions that will leave you feeling motivated and ready to start implementing.
  6. We send you a link to the video recording of our session that we will hold in our archives for up to one year.

Why The Brenn-White Group?
Megan Brenn-White has nearly 20 years of experience in online cross-border communications with students and prospects, allowing her to draw on best practices (and common challenges) from diverse institutions and organizations around the world.

We work only with higher education institutions and are used to finding solutions that work in spite of staffing and budget constraints, multiple stakeholders, lack of clear processes—or whatever challenges you may be facing.

$350–$700, depending on the amount of necessary preparation. We will send you a quote after you let us know which topic(s) you’d like us to cover and/or send materials to review.

Schedule a virtual brainstorming session or ask questions by emailing Megan Brenn-White at

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